ARBOR WEEK – Protecting our Environment

Table View #LionsClub, together with our corporate sponsor SUN 1 Foreshore/Parow donated trees and fertilizer to West Riding Primary School, during Arbor Week.

Arbor Day at West Riding 2014 007Learners from each grade were invited to participate in the tree planting and making them aware that trees play an important role in moderating our climate, improving our air quality, controlling floodwater’s and providing homes and food for life.

Arbor Day at West Riding 2014 004
For the children it was raising awareness and greening our communities because trees play an essential role in the sustainable development of the livelihoods on the people for the present and future generation.

Arbor Day at West Riding 2014 009Lion Facilitators: Lions Felicity van Eck, Thys van Eck and Elizabeth Hucks