Westriding Primary School, in Table View, is registered with the Western Cape Education Department in South Africa.   It is a public school and therefore a Public Benefit Organisation.

The learners are from a very low socio-economic background with an eclectic mix of 14 languages. The payment of school fees is very tenuous and erratic. The school provides lunch, breakfast and food parcels for numerous learners.

Due to the economic situation the school is unable to replace the ageing PCs used by the teachers to compile worksheets and to complete administration. At present they have one computer and the school needs four to function efficiently.

We are therefore appealing to the public for a donation of a PC(s) to enable the teachers to work at their full capacity and to deliver the curriculum successfully to the learners.


The minimum specs for the computers are: Intel Processor; i3/i5/i7; 2 Gig Ram; 500 Gig HD; Standard Specs for the rest e.g. Network Card; Screen; Keyboard; Mouse and Windows 7/8 operating system.

For further information, please contact Lion Felicity van Eck on 0835992012 or email



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