WEDNESDAY 16 October 2013

Lions Table View had Social Media Training, brilliantly explained in the form of a presentation, by the clubs Social Media & IT custodian Dylin Kuni.   Social Media fosters interaction and discussion amongst the community, thereby enhancing the performance by Lions Clubs and bringing the community closer.


Further benefits our Club finds in using social media are:-

1. Learning Platform – We learn from what other clubs are doing, LCI initiatives and society trends.

2. Raise ‘Lions Clubs’ awareness – We are able to engage greater audiences with our activity and successes.

3. Make new friends : The open nature of the Social Media platforms lend themselves to finding new contacts based on common interests and causes.

4.Keep old friends (updated) : Social media is a great way to strengthen ties with our Lions community at large.

5. Call to action: We now engage with our community on a needs basis.

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