On Saturday, 31st August 2013, Table View Lions Club sold cups of soup @ R10 each to raise funds for Peninsula School Feeding Association.


We were positioned at the exit/entrance of the new Food Lovers Market store, Emporium in Sunningdale from 9am to 2pm.

It was a great PR exercise as membership brochures and LCI videos were displayed for the public to peruse.

Not as many cups were sold as anticipated but every cent helps.  The community were generous in their monetary donations and over 150 cups were sold.  The balance of the soup was donated to TLC for their Street Children.

Donations were received from Parklands Superspar to the value of +R1000 which included fresh vegetables, serviettes, poly cups with lids and plastic spoons.  Without their support this project would not have been a success.


Thanks to our members who cooked a variety of delicious vegetable soup and for braving the cold wind on the day.

Thanks are also expressed to Nassos & Andreas (store owners) for their acceptance and support of our fundraising endeavours.  We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship for many years to come.


PSFA remain committed to continuing their service of feeding the 22,000 hungry children in 111 schools that do not receive the NSNP subsidy. These schools are fed from funds raised through our various campaigns.

The annual cost to feed these 22,000 children amounts to R8,690,000 (22,000 children x R395 per child per year).

Of the 111 schools, 67 have been ‘adopted’ by caring individuals and corporates for the year ahead. The difference, amounting to more than R4,800,000 has to be raised, in order to maintain our school feeding programme unhindered. PSFA will continue to identify and verify schools where feeding is needed, for addition to the programme.

PSFA’s slogan “You can’t teach a hungry child”.



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