Stop Hunger Now provides meal packages to the needy.

Key to the programme is a series of meal packaging events, where volunteers package the meals.

The meals are highly nutritious and comprise of rice, soya, dehydrated vegetable mix and a fortification pack of 23 essential minerals and vitamins specifically formulated to combat malnutrition (complying with the UNICEF standard).

The Food Packing Sessions are hosted by various organizations (Including Lions Clubs) and the ingredients are provided by Stop Hunger Now.

Volunteers form teams at various tables and each table has a set task. For instance

Table1 – measures the right amounts of the ingredients.

Table2 – weighs the bags from table 1 and makes sure they fall within a tolerance

Table3 – takes the bags from table 2 and seals them

Table4 – takes the sealed bags and labels them

Table5 – takes the labelled bags and packs them in a box.

Finally when the box is full it is weighed to make sure that it contains the correct number of bags.

As each table requires at least 3 volunteers it can be seen that many volunteers are needed. There can also be more than 1 “production line” each requiring the same number of volunteers.

As the morning progresses there is a lot of interaction between people and great fun is had.

A single session of food packing will last about 3 hours.

It is well worth attending one of these sessions as you feel that you have achieved something at the end.

Attached photos show Lions Liz, Sue and John kitted out and ready to work and Lions Liz and Sue hard at work measuring the weights of the packets.

Project Facilitator: John Houston




Table View Lions Club are collecting blankets and towels for various animal shelters (including SANCCOB).  These items can be second hand or brand new as we are sure that our furry and feathered friends would appreciate some comfort and warmth this coming winter.

The public are welcome to drop off their donations at Postnet Table View (Lifestyle Centre, Parklands Main Road – near KFC) or you can contact Liz Houston on 082 924 4084 or

We received an overwhelming response during the past two years and look forward to our community’s generous support once again.

Liz Houston
Club Secretary


Easter Egg Distribution Project

Project Owner: Elizabeth Hucks

Our Easter Egg Project kicks off in late February when adverts are placed in the local media for donations of chocolate eggs.

We receive eggs from Pre-schools, Primary schools and High schools as well as from firms and the public. We collect the eggs from the venues when we receive notification, or else they are delivered to my house.
Some Lions and friends help to cover and decorate the boxes and the eggs are counted and packed for the various recipients which include orphanages, care centres, senior centres, creches, hospitals, institutes for the handicapped, street kids and church organisations.

The packed boxes are labelled and several Lions help to deliver the eggs to the different venues. This year we received more than ten thousand eggs and delivered to twenty five outlets